Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Hello, my name is Rene Jimenez, and I am the founder and owner of ARREBA® Real Estate & Associates, Agent+® and Broker+®. 

In 2005 I began my real estate career working as a Real Estate Agent for Re/Max Advantage in Redlands, California. I quickly noticed there was a difference between an agent that sells many homes and a good real estate agent. I believe that a good real estate agent listens to their clients and the priority is  the clients needs. I pride myself on client satisfaction and will do everything in my power to make sure all parties are satisfied at the completion of a transactions. I felt inspired to become a broker-owner to help build and create the best agents in the industry. My experience, knowledge, dedication and interest has called me to the biggest challenge of my life, improving the real estate transaction process. What I want to do now is continue to grow our business and brand so that when they speak of ARREBA® , Agent+, or Broker+,  the public knows you have the best of the best on your side. At ARREBA®, we are an innovative real estate company that focuses on creating the most positive experience in our industry for all of our clients. For your next real estate transaction consider ARREBA® Real Estate & Associates as your team of choice. 

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