Jessica Lujan


Greetings! My name is Jessica Lujan, a Real Estate Agent representing ARREBA Real Estate Services. I began early on in the realm of finances having worked for credit unions as they have helped elevate my knowledge surrounding the intricacies within the Financial Industry. After mastering the financial world at length, I soon found myself wanting to challenge myself further and ultimately decided in 2006 to take that next step toward helping families fulfill their dreams of owning their very own home. I found early on that I have a passion for wanting to see my clients and their families find their ultimate dream home, and this being the main reason I pursued the exciting challenge of my real estate career. Having a robust background in both Real Estate and the Financial Industry provides me a solid foundation to effortlessly help guide many families into making sound decisions for their future. As your Real Estate Agent, I want my clients to know that I am with them every step of the way. My goal is to help facilitate an enjoyable experience along with addressing each client's goals and upholding their best interest at heart. I am excited to have worked with many families in the past and look forward to many more in the future, so look no further and allow me along with my supportive team at ARREBA the opportunity to succeed in fulfilling your real estate needs! #ARREBA2021